Good ideas and how to find them

THERE are plenty of good ideas out there, says Crosscut Clyde. The trick is getting the good ideas to

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10 DEC 2008

Not all doom and gloom in the supply sector

ALWAYS look on the bright side of life, says Crosscut Clyde, because while things are looking down there's

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19 NOV 2008

Battle plans needed

NOW is not the time for head-scratching over where the boom went, says Crosscut Clyde. Now is the time

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12 NOV 2008

Crosscut Clyde on why one man's trash is another's treasure

THE race has been run and won. But like the vast majority of miners, Crosscut Clyde was far too busy

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05 NOV 2008

Join the club

CROSSCUT Clyde wonders at the value of networking and suggests now is the time for the camaraderie that

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29 OCT 2008

Economic bombs dropping on suppliers

JUST when you think all is well with the world - business is booming, there's plenty of ore in the ground,

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22 OCT 2008

Good times, bad habits

ARE suppliers a little bit too fat and happy at the moment? Is complacency creeping in? Crosscut Clyde

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15 OCT 2008

Changing the rules as times turn sour

JUST as suppliers were catching their breath after the demands of the boom, now comes the aftermath of

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24 SEP 2008

From Sin City to Mine City for Aussie suppliers

MINEXPO is big and dazzling, and Crosscut Clyde is flapping his wings en route to the world's pre-eminent

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17 SEP 2008

Making plans

LABOUR and infrastructure are key capacity constraints facing suppliers even with the changing landscape

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10 SEP 2008

Making the most of industry events

CROSSCUT Clyde ponders industry events, networking, what it is like to be one of the sheep in the paddock

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03 SEP 2008

Bumper times for exports, but let's not forget the exporters

IN THE wake of the Olympics Crosscut Clyde's thoughts turn to records, both in the pool and on the export

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27 AUG 2008

Indispensible widgets or a waste of money?

WHO can remember the days when you went to buy a car and the additional options you could spend on included

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20 AUG 2008

Supplier awards conspicuous by their absence

HERE we are folks, right amid the Olympic games and regardless of colour, creed or nationality - left

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13 AUG 2008

Luring the expats home

WITH the concerns about the skilled labour shortage in the industry Crosscut Clyde thinks we should be

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06 AUG 2008

Looks matter - but not too much

MINING companies are all about getting stuff out of the ground and suppliers are all about helping them

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23 JUL 2008