ASX lures Latin American companies

THE Australian Securities Exchange has invited more companies in Latin America’s mining sector to list in Australia, saying the platform is a seasoned forum for new resources initiatives on the continent.
ASX lures Latin American companies ASX lures Latin American companies ASX lures Latin American companies ASX lures Latin American companies ASX lures Latin American companies

The ASX wants more Latin American mining companies to list

Staff reporter

ASX business development manager, listings, Josh Collard told the Paydirt Latin America Down Under conference in Perth yesterday the ASX was one of the most active exchanges in the world, was well understood among Australia's and Latin America's mining fraternity and there was an opportunity to deepen that relationship.

"The ASX has been home to total capital raisings for the resources sector of more than A$100 billion over the past 10 years, has a sensible risk appetite, manages around 125 IPOs a year and is recognised as a global mining hub," he said.

Currently, almost 50 mining explorers and producers operating in Latin America are listed on the ASX, including 14 in Chile, nine in Argentina, seven in Brazil and five in Peru, among others.

The Toronto Stock Exchange had been the historic platform for Latin America mining investment, but industry commentators have pointed to this easing as the TSX embraces 'alternative' equities such as pharmaceuticals and marijuana.

"Key to our appeal is a long history of successful listings and funding of early stage growth companies," Collard said.

"Our investable funds are expected to grow to more than $9.5 trillion by 2035 and within a well-regulated environment," he said.

Collard said 43% of ASX membership was mining and exploration companies, which equated to 27% of the total $2 trillion market cap of all its listed entities.

"We understand mining, we understand the Latin American mining story and we understand the opportunity for the two to grow even closer together."


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