Best of Dryblower 2017

WE revisit Dryblower’s 10 most popular columns of the past 12 months.
Best of Dryblower 2017 Best of Dryblower 2017 Best of Dryblower 2017 Best of Dryblower 2017 Best of Dryblower 2017


Dryblower rings a four-bell warning for mining, March 27 

Back in March, a cautious Dryblower warned that four events in the previous week signalled bad news for commodity prices. He ended up being right, with prices and sentiment dipping in the June quarter before a strong second half.

Dryblower asks the tricky question: who killed Sino Iron? July 3

CITIC Pacific’s troubled project remained a hot topic this year, as the legal battle between the Chinese company and original tenement owner Clive Palmer raged on. CITIC has threatened to walk away, despite billions spent, but launched a campaign advocating for strong partnerships earlier this month.

Dryblower warns the mining industry that it might have a problem with the new WA government March 13

Following Labor’s sweeping victory in the WA election, Dryblower warned that to fix the budget, new Premier Mark McGowan would likely look to miners. He was right – however, the target ended up being gold, not iron ore, miners.

Dryblower and the big shift underway in BHP August 21

Dryblower previewed BHP’s 2017 financial year results and speculated on where the company could be headed after a year in which it was targeted by Paul Singer’s hedge fund Elliott.

Dryblower and the good news (and bad) for uranium January 16

Kazatomprom kicked off the year by cutting uranium output for 2017, which provided a temporary boost to the price. Dryblower looked at what it all meant for the struggling sector.

Dryblower and the testing times ahead for two commodity billionaires May 15

Dryblower looked at the rollercoaster ride experienced by two industry moguls and the need to make early preparations in changing markets.

Dryblower tempts fate by using a four letter word that everyone else is avoiding August 28

Boom was the four-letter word Dryblower dared to utter in August. He suggested the new cycle actually kicked off in January 2016 and had stepped up a notch in the middle of this year.

Dryblower on Andrew Forrest’s grand gas plan November 13

Dryblower speculated on what Andrew Forrest’s oil and gas ambitions may be after the Fortescue Metals Group founder suggested the iron ore miner would look to diversify.

Dryblower watches the start of the gold boom January 23

Dryblower had actually used the word ‘boom’ at the start of the year, referring to gold and specifically, what Donald Trump’s inauguration would have on the shiny yellow stuff. However, the Trump administration has proved to be so chaotic that the daily headlines are no longer having the impact on gold that they may have once had.

Dryblower and the curious case of nugget flaunting September 11

Pictures of gold nuggets in market releases were all the rage for a brief period, with Dryblower looking at the implication of that on ASX and JORC rules.

Dryblower will be back next Tuesday, January 2 with his first column of 2018.

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