Resilience Mining Mongolia was formed by an independent group of exploration, mining and financing professionals. The Group has extensive experience in mining investment and has strong ties with Mongolian partners.


  • Company Secretary —Nick Harding
  • Non-Executive Directors  
    — Sam Spring (Kincora representative upon IPO)
    — Walter Richards
  • Technical Director — Peter Reynolds
  • Executive Chairman — Mark Stewart

Ordinary shares:

  • 34.0 million (pre IPO), rising to circa 72 million post listing

Top Shareholders

Pre-IPO Holdings:

Peter John Reynolds - 11%

Zygmunt Jakubiak - 8%

Batbayar Purevjargal - 5%

Trebar Super Fund - 4%

David Franz Larsen - 4%

Post-IPO Holdings:

IPO investors - 35%

Kincora - 10%

RMM Board and Management - 10%

Other and pre-IPO Investors - 45%


Head Office

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Advancing Copper and Gold Projects in an Under-Explored Porphyry District

Resilience Mining prepares for an IPO after securing a holding in the Southern Gobi copper belt

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