Equipment Hire Is Just The Beginning.

With branches in over 150 locations Australia-wide, and over 1 million pieces of equipment across 21 equipment categories; Coates Hire has the range and footprint to deliver when and where you need it.
Coates Hire equipment comes backed by a dedicated team of product specialists and engineers covering everything from general hire to special project requirements.
We’ve helped build iconic landmarks, suburbs and parks. We’ve helped build bridges and roads, ports and schools. We’ve helped industries flourish and helped bring ideas to life.
We’re proud to have earned trust and support from so many over the years, who also believe that it takes a shared ambition, a shared vision and a strong partnership to continue building a better future.

There is something very human about progress.
It’s at the core of who we are. And what we do.
We are constantly seeking to explore, experiment and make things better. And this creates a resourcefulness that has achieved great things around the country. From iconic building that inspires us and infrastructure that unites us, to resources that support us and homes that make us safe.
The more we progress the more we dream about new possibilities. But it’s the people who get things done that really make the difference. It’s the builders, the makers, the problem solvers and the fixers who constantly push us forwards.
We believe in the magic of progress. And we believe in the people that help drive it forwards. We are here to help people who are giving it a go, with our expertise, our support and our gear, so they can get out there to build more, build better and build more safely.
So let’s pull together to see how great we can be.
Let’s work together to help build a better future.
And when things get tough, let’s roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to help our mates.
Why? Because that’s what we do.
Coates Hire. Let’s make it happen.



Mining Briefs: Iluka, New Hope and more

Mining Briefs: Iluka, New Hope and more

Iluka spin-off approved; New Hope slashes jobs; BHP and Novo award contracts; and more

Capital markets

16 OCTOBER 2020



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Smarter Mining With Telemetry

Smarter Mining With Telemetry

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