We design, implement and accelerate operational and digital transformation through people. Realizing tomorrow's results, today.

We know transformative change. We know transformation starts with aspiration and the journey to make it happen, is people - implementation.

Proudfoot works with leaders at all levels, and their teams, in mid and large cap organizations, to solve the people challenge in the design and implementation of operational and digital transformation, and by doing so mitigate the risk associated with transformation and realize the benefits.

While we achieve hard, measurable financial results, concurrently, we:

  • Help people understand and gain alignment to their aspirations & the scope of their challenge.
  • We enable people to participate; ‘stepping up and feeling all-in’ for the journey and so, gain speed and scale in implementing transformation.
  • We roll up our sleeves and put on our safety boots (physically or metaphorically), to help implement the transformation.
  • And, we help make it stick… until the organization needs to change again.

Importantly, we focus on developing and building the capability of our client's people, so they can do it themselves, next time. In short, we help people change the way they work to change their business for the better. They change their outcomes. We help them realize tomorrows results. Today. Financial, operational, and cultural.


  • Address: 4th Floor, St Paul's House, 10 Warwick Lane, London EC4M 7BP, United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44 20 7710 5100
  • Fax: +44 20 7710 5101
  • Web: www.proudfoot.com