A new metals "index"

AND it is flashing green. The Outcrop by Robin Bromby.

A new metals "index" A new metals "index" A new metals "index" A new metals "index" A new metals "index"

The proposed inland rail route, linking Melbourne and Brisbane through (mainly) the central western region of NSW) will require 262,000t of steel - equivalent to five Sydney Harbour Bridges.

Railway construction is now becoming a significant factor in iron ore and steel demand. It is almost a proxy for those two commodities. Hence the idea of a "railways index".

This explains why the Nikkei Asia300 index got a boost this week from Hong Kong-listed Chinese infrastructure stocks. China Railway Group rose 3.3% on Tuesday, China Railway Construction went up 7.5% and CRCC (a maker of rolling stock) added 3.1%. This was after a Chinese business magazine reported the country had earmarked another 800 billion yuan ($A157.5bn) for railway construction over the next year. ...