Vale Bob Harrison

BRISBANE-based geologist and occasional Strictly Boardroom contributor Doug Brewster pays tribute to the late Bob Harrison.
Vale Bob Harrison Vale Bob Harrison Vale Bob Harrison Vale Bob Harrison Vale Bob Harrison

Bob Harrison

Doug Brewster

I am crestfallen to announce the death of the indefatigable mining title doyen Robert Harrison - he was 73 years old.

Bob was unique, with well over 50 years in NSW and national mining title consulting he was the most experienced, knowledgeable and competent practitioner of his ilk in Australia. In short, a legend.

His long service to the mining industry, as an independent consultant for hire, is immeasurable. Close to irreplaceable, Bob worked to the end and the shockwaves of his death to the NSW mining industry, especially mineral exploration, will be long-felt. A tireless and authoritative practitioner gone.

Bob was expert, fierce, blunt, direct, endlessly hardworking, unswervingly committed and intolerant of fools or the ambivalent. He demanded the upmost standards of logic, knowledge and competence from both government bureaucrats and clients alike.

Despite his outwardly fearsome and terse demeanour, if you were committed, then you would find no firmer, passionate, generous and sure supporter.

The NSW mining industry has lost a giant in this often thankless but critical field. I do not think we will see his like again. His unprecedented contribution as an independent specialist and honourable man is to be wholeheartedly celebrated. Some future institutional recognition would be fitting. Our industry should rise to acknowledge its loyal foot-soldiers.

His steadfast example can be aspired to but unlikely matched. I was lucky to be its witness.

Vale Bob Harrison.