Macmahon bags $40M of Olympic Dam work

MACMAHON Holdings has secured over $A40 million in raise drilling work at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine in South Australia.
Macmahon bags $40M of Olympic Dam work Macmahon bags $40M of Olympic Dam work Macmahon bags $40M of Olympic Dam work Macmahon bags $40M of Olympic Dam work Macmahon bags $40M of Olympic Dam work

The RBR 900VF rig on its way to Olympic Dam.

Andrew Duffy

The company has mobilised the world’s most powerful raise drilling machine, the RBR 900VF, after securing the first $5 million contract at the mine.

The drill, designed by Macmahon in conjunction with German-based manufacturer Herrenknecht, is capable of boring vertical shafts between 3-8m in diameter and can reach a depth of 2000m.

Macmahon CEO Ross Carroll said the increased level of automation on the machine means it delivered significant improvements to safety and productivity.

“The design of the new raise drill has eliminated most of the manual lifting, pushing and manoeuvring efforts required by operators,” he said.

“This is a major step forward that will not only boost safety but also increase productivity.”

Along with the first contract, Macmahon has secured a four-year contract for raise drilling services at Olympic Dam.

The contract will see Macmahon raise bore around 5000m of shafts per year, with various sizes ranging from 0.5-3m in diameter and utilising up to five different raise drilling machines.

Carroll said the contract highlighted the company’s long-term relationship with BHP.

“Macmahon has been providing a range of underground services at Olympic Dam for the last 10

years,” he said.

“These new contract wins are testament to our performance over this period and recognises the safe and efficient service we provide BHP.”

Macmahon shares were steady at 10.5c this afternoon.