Who will be the Explorer of the Year?

MNN is seeking nominations from our readers for the Explorer of the Year.
Who will be the Explorer of the Year? Who will be the Explorer of the Year? Who will be the Explorer of the Year? Who will be the Explorer of the Year? Who will be the Explorer of the Year?

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One of four categories in MNN's annual Awards for Excellence, the explorer award recognises success in arguably the most important area of the mining sector.

The Explorer of the Year recognises a company and its leadership team for a significant new discovery made, or advanced to a meaningful status, during the 2018 financial year.

The discovery's importance is likely to be reflected in the value of the company but we are also assessing the in-ground value of a resource/reserve, using current commodity prices, and currencies, etc.

We are taking into consideration maiden resource(s)/reserve(s) reported during the 2016-2017 year, connected to ‘recent' discoveries, and will examine aspects of discoveries such as relative technical difficulty and magnitude of any technical success or breakthrough; the greenfields/brownfields nature of discovery; the extent of predecessor(s) work that might have contributed to new discovery; and the relative application of exploration funds.

The Explorer of the Year is an ASX-listed company, or a privately-owned company, exploring in Australia or offshore.

Last year's winner was successful Burkina Faso explorer West African Resources.

You can nominate your own company, a client or just an explorer you admire.

Nominate the Explorer of the Year here. Nominations close at 11:59pm AEST on June 30.

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