MNN Awards trophies presented editor Kristie Batten presented the 2020 MNN Awards to the four winners before and during Diggers & Dealers 2020.

Staff reporter

 aracen ineral oldings managing director aleigh inlayson receiving the eal andor erger of the ear trophy Saracen Mineral Holdings managing director Raleigh Finlayson receiving the Deal and/or Merger of the Year trophy


 halice old ines managing director lex orsch receiving the ew andor merging eader of the ear ward Chalice Gold Mines managing director Alex Dorsch receiving the New and/or Emerging Leader of the Year Award


 amelius esources managing director ark eptner receiving the  of the ear ward hoto old ndustry roup Ramelius Resources managing director Mark Zeptner receiving the CEO of the Year Award. Photo: Gold Industry Group


 he e rey ining team receiving the xplorer of the ear ward The De Grey Mining team receiving the Explorer of the Year Award


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Most read MNN Awards