The best of Dryblower 2019

LOOK back on Dryblower's best-read columns of 2019.
The best of Dryblower 2019 The best of Dryblower 2019 The best of Dryblower 2019 The best of Dryblower 2019 The best of Dryblower 2019

Dryblower watches Andrew Forrest sail into dangerous waters

Dryblower cautioned Andrew Forrest on his environmental campaigning back in March.

Dryblower on lithium's season of regret

In July, Dryblower looked at recent lithium acquisitions by Albemarle and Wesfarmers and wondered if they'd overpaid.

Dryblower on BHP's threatened job cuts at a delicate time in the political cycle

Ahead of the Australian federal election in May, a warning to BHP that job cuts in April may be incredibly poorly timed.

Dryblower on the lessons for lithium from the death of Gindalbie

Could Australia's lithium sector go the way of the magnetite space?

Dryblower on the rumoured return of Glencore-Rio merger talk

One of Dryblower's more recent columns, in which he said the latest deal chatter shouldn't be ignored.

Dryblower agrees with Twig (the world's emperors are naked)

In Dryblower's not-so humble opinion, there's nothing sillier from the box of tricks marked "political correctness" than the policy called Scope 3 emissions.

BHP wanders into social issues quagmire

In August, Dryblower questioned whether BHP should leave the climate change issue to governments.

Dryblower smells lithium in mothballs

Proving that lithium was a popular topic in 2019, Dryblower pondered the next moves of SQM and Wesfarmers.

Dryblower on how to lose money in a rising gold market

Dryblower reflects on the collapse of Gascoyne Resources and Dacian Gold's dramatic downgrade, which happened in the span of three days.

Dryblower and the lithium crash on the EV highway

In September, Dryblower reflected on the lithium crash and the parts governments had played.

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