Gold vs Cobalt

JUST how much research has been done about future markets for battery metals? The Outcrop, by Robin Bromby.

Gold vs Cobalt Gold vs Cobalt Gold vs Cobalt Gold vs Cobalt Gold vs Cobalt

In 2017 the gold price outperformed the US dollar index, the Bloomberg commodity index, US Treasuries, silver and West Texas crude. True, it was no match for the S&P 500, and the main indices for emerging market, Europe, Australasian and Far East equities, but it still notched up a gain of more than 10% over the year.

So gold is still holding its head up in the financial markets.

Most importantly, miners can readily sell their gold.

And the market looks like expanding. The latest bulletin from the World Gold Council sets out recent and coming changes that are or possibly will be, part of the widening of the marketing of the yellow metal.,

In 2017 the London Bullion Ma...