Wages pressure flat

A REVIEW of executive remuneration across the resource sector has found increased demand for leadership roles is yet to put significant upward pressure on pay, board members are becoming more entrenched, and women are still missing in action.

Wages pressure flat Wages pressure flat Wages pressure flat Wages pressure flat Wages pressure flat

The report compiled from AltoPartners, an international alliance of independently-owned executive search firms and leadership consultants, examined more than 20,000 directors and executives of publicly listed resources companies across Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa and United Kingdom.

Of note among the Australian Securities Exchange-listed companies was that fixed remuneration for executives is stuck in neutral, with a negligible increase of 1%, however there has been a significant uplift in variable remuneration due to achievable hurdles and vesting conditions. 

As the industry emerges from the downturn of the past few years the report found that non-executive directors at the smaller end of town are staying longer than they used to – 4-4.5 years on average – and ...