Imdex options NZ tech

MINING technology business Imdex has inked an option agreement to acquire two New Zealand-based companies, Flexidrill and Flexidrill Construction, that have developed innovative drilling productivity technologies: CoreVIBE and MagHAMMER.

Imdex options NZ tech Imdex options NZ tech Imdex options NZ tech Imdex options NZ tech Imdex options NZ tech

The patented technologies, which were said to be unique and ready to be commercialised, are based around vibration and magnetic-field assisted drilling.

Imdex said the methods could increase the productivity, safety and accuracy of drilling, while substantially reducing costs and environmental impacts.

CoreVIBE has the potential to increase average drilling productivity rates by 30% in traditional diamond coring applications, something Imdex said it had substantiated with field trials.

The tool can potentially increase penetration rates of up to 60%.

MagHAMMER technology allows for RC drilling to be run without compressed air resulting in significant economic, safety and operational benefits. 

It can potentially also be used for blast hole...